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Facebook for Christians... with lisps.
Mom: Terrence, it's time for church!
Son: Lemme log off of my FAITH BOOK firtht.
Son: Excuth my lithp!
by bigbadmama May 28, 2011
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Faithbook or MyFaith.
Alternative names for "Facebook" or "MySpace" when used in relation to/or by Christain, (or other religious,) groups, refering to use of a religious nature.

Yes christians have a sence of humor too.
Generic person: Lets suggest times for our next meeting on Faithbook
by DjonnyB April 19, 2009
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Its a social networking website that circles around your "faith", not your friends from highschool you don't care about or your drinking buds from college, thats Facebook.
Jim-"Hey dude whats your Faithbook?"
Dan-"Hey Jim, don't you mean Facebook?"
Jim-"No dude, its like Facebook, but its about your faith, not about boring stuff!"
Dan-"Oh man! I gotta check this out!!"
by Lemskii June 11, 2010
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Religious book like the Bible or the Koran, highly praised basis of social networking services called religions, an alternative for those who don't believe Mark Zuckerberg is a god.
I gave up Facebook since I met Michael in a faithbook meeting in the neighborhood church right after my abortion and my rehab.
by belluaire November 08, 2011
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A nonexistant social website where religious fanatics can connect with people and make new friends.
A: How do you help the poor and needy?
B: I log on to my Faithbook and post a prayer for them as my status!
by Lunaselenemoon January 02, 2011
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