Fairy floss ,A sugary treat made and packaged by the tooth fairy to help assist in easy painless removal of children's teeth for harvesting
As tempting as it is,keep your head and arms out of the fairy floss machine
by MiLLzY_2016 June 22, 2016
The act of two Gay gentlemen ejaculating in partners mouth. Then proceeding by using their penis to wipe the seamen within the teeth like toothpaste or dental floss.
Me and my bro like to Fairy Floss every now and then .
by @anusenpai August 7, 2017
Female pubic hair; a term used by old, crusty, but good natured women to describe the process of puberty to young women, putting them at ease and not offending them with more vulgar words.
Don't worry my dear, fairy floss won't hurt you.
Olivia, you better think about your fairy floss before going outside, don't you think?
I have my fairy floss caught, grandma!
by Moobs March 14, 2003