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Plain and simple: a parody of the TV cartoon title, "Fairly OddParents".
Timmy is an unaverage boy,
That everyone understands
Mom and Dad and VickI never giving him commands.


Doom and gloom up in his room,
Is never broken instantly,
By his magic big elephants who deny his every wish,
Cause in reality they are his Even Parents, Fairly EvenParents
Wanda: Douches & enemas!
Cosmo: Massengill & Fleet!

Even Parents, Fairly EvenParents,
Real even, pee Steven, buff bod, hot rod,
Timmy: Obtuse, mother goose, mongoose, guava juice,
Giant snake, birthday cake, small french fries, strawberry milkshake!!!

Even Parents, Fairly EvenParents,
It doesn't make you mild when you're a child with Fairly EvenParents!

Vicky: No wrong.
by Telephony February 19, 2015
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