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If you have the name Faini? Then the rest of the world should just bow down to you. You are the coolest of the cool. Yes you are loud and obnoxious, but thats why everybody knows you. If your a guy, your often referred as an Italian Stallion. You also have a very short temper, So No one fucks with you! You walk around with your pimp hand strong wait'n on some one to test you! If combined with the name Dominic.... and/or Vittorio then you might just be god! Like A Boss
Belinda: Damn! man what happened to your face.

Eddie: I got in a fight with a suave and sophisticated guy named Dom

Belinda: Oh shit! you mean you fucked with a Faini!

Eddie: I guess?

Belinda: thats where you went wrong! Faini's they kill people your lucky.

Eddie: Why?

Belinda: Cause they are like a boss!
by Godfather cinimod February 04, 2010
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