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Fail watching,” unlike its brother only in rhyme whale watching, would be much more entertaining because you see someone fail much more often then you’d witness a whale leaping out from the sea in front of your ship.
It would be similar to people watching (which often leads to the act of Fail watching at some point) except one would only be waiting for someone else to mess up.
Failures noted while “Fail watching” should be subtle, not America’s Funniest Home Videos quality. None of this people falling down or getting hit crap because “Fail watching” frowns upon physical injury.
“Fail watchers” are let loose to make assumptions based on little to no evidence, creating characters out of the people around them in order to develop a more lasting “Fail watching story.”

As I sat in coldstone the other day, I couldn't help but make a mental note of the "Fail watching story" I would get from the easter bunny who forgot to hide her sneakers
by Chetnugget April 10, 2009
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