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Fai (alias) is a main character of the manga/anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. He is very smart despite acting like he know nothing most of the time. He spends most of the manga being a funny angst muffin, pissing off a homicidal ninja, running away from his problem, being AWESOME, and 'not telling the whole truth'.
"The ones I hate the most are those who give up their lives before all hopes are gone"
Fai smiles: "...That means I'm the type of person you hate the most."

As you can see from the above quotations (straight from the manga!) Fai D. Flowrite is the embodiment of emoness.

"That girl working in the city hall said that we can use pseudonyms but i don't know the language of this country so I drew this" *pulls out pretty pictures*
And he is also the embodiment of...other stuff ^^; still awesome though
by butterflysecrets January 17, 2010
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