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fay ·go .lo

Used to describe a guy who has extremely odd tendencies and suspected to become an official homo.

This word is quoted from the movie: You don't mess with the Zohan when the Zohan reveals to his parents that he likes to become a hairdresser because he likes to make people's hair silky smooth. his father asks him: "You, a fagolo"(Israeli accent)

This trendy term can now be used to pick on fag-minded individuals and can actually replace the conventional gay or homo terms.

Of course, this word can be preceded by an ironic cough or throat clearing sound to mark just like the Lebanese word Tobjé
Elias: I wanna start Salsa dancing lessons
Roy: You a Fagolo?

Peter: I'm thinking about redecorating my room in Pink!
Roy(coughs): Fagolo!!
by MEastern Urban researcher August 02, 2009
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