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1)A complete explosion of utter queerness.
2)When a gay guy shits.
The maniger is not letting us play with the arcade games i think a complete fagbomb just landed on the movie theater, lets fuckin' book it!
by The Ninja II January 13, 2007
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When you get everyone around you, including yourself, to text "fag" or "faggot" to a single person, 4-5 times. Works best with 5+ people.
"Ok everyone, we're gonna fag bomb Chris, get ready!"
by Jippyy March 30, 2009
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A homosexual that is so gay that he causes surrounding hetrosexuals to turn gay.
1. Dude: Man did you here about kevin?
Other dude: NO, what?
Dude: All his friends that were straight are now turning gay....ughh
Other dude: I knew IT! I had a sneaking suspicion he was a Fag BOMB!!
by Denis Sousa June 22, 2006
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1. a person, thing, or action that is extremely flamboyant and homosexual in nature.

2. dropping a lit cigarette from a balcony or elevated place onto someone or something.

"Dude, stop queerin' like a fag bomb"

"I feel bad that I fag bombed that guy walking..."
by teahupoo_karma October 22, 2008
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A word used when something of huge faggotry goes Down
Guy 1: Yo Man wtf, Boris and Hossana were dumping on Kourosh's floor.

Guy 2: LOOOL they dropped a fagbomb on his birthday huh?
Guy 1: Ya, just like last year
by emfginbers May 20, 2010
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