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Line breaks: Fad¦jaynus

Fadjaynus (NOUN) (plural Fadjaynei)

Also known as Fourth-degree vaginal tears. Tears are more common in women having their first vaginal birth and range from small nicks and abrasions to deep lacerations affecting several pelvic floor muscles. About 4 percent of women who deliver vaginally end up with a more serious tear in their perineum that extends to or through the rectum. This is commonly referred to in the medical profession as 'a Fadjaynus.' This will generally involve the vaginal tissues, perineal muscles and the muscle that surrounds the anus anal sphincter. These tears sometimes require repair in an operating room and can cause complications such as fecal incontinence and painful intercourse.
"Eric, will you pass me the padded ring? My fadjaynus is very painful."

"Please Steve. Wait until my fadjaynus has fully healed"

"The doctor says i should wear a sanitary towel until my fadjaynus stops bleeding."

"I have been pouring warm water over my fadjaynus when urinating so my arse hole doen't fill with piss."
by G4ndhi January 14, 2015
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