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A fact buddy is an individual with whom one exchanges factual information on a frequent or infrequent basis.

There are rarely discrete terms of commitment or participation agreed upon verbally or in writing between the concerned parties. The very nature of the bond between fact buddy and fact buddy is a deep understanding and appreciation for facts. Presumably, both individuals are lifelong learners that act as sponsers to each other, offering a safe and encouraging environment where one may share knowledge without being deemed pretentious or condescending.
“Hey Dude, how bout this weather eh? Gorgeous sunrise!! Sweet surfing mate!”
“Yeah brah. It may look nice, but I read that the color is often due to the level of pollution in the air.”
“Seriously? I never knew that. Interesting.”
“True story. Can you hand me my blue sun sunnies dude?”
“They’re actually cyan.”
Righteous dude. We both learned something today and didn’t take insult. We are the best fact buddies!”

in the office ten years later ..

“Can you hand me that pen dude?This pencil is smudging everywhere.”
“Actually, this pen is a gel pen, which is notably far less superior than a fine print ball point steel barrel .3 mm pen. -If smudging is the variable you are most concerned with. -You could do gel, but you want to make sure you have quality paper that can absorb the ink quickly as it takes longer to dry than a ball point. Otherwise you may find the pencil more tolerable.”
“Thanks fact buddy, do you happen to have one I can borrow? I’ll have to look in to getting better writing utensils!”
“We make the best recommendations for one another.”
“I know. I love your smiles encrusted knowledge bombs.”
by Contriveme July 04, 2018
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Anyone that shares useless knowledge with you. Or, anyone who is pleasantly surprised when you feed them a nugget of knowledge. There is a mutual appreciation for often umprompted, sometimes very advanced intellectual subject matter. Sometimes exchanges are casual where one person may correct another. If the person is genuinely appreciative for the correction and having learned something, they are fact buddy material.
“Hey Bec, i just learned the Tesla induction engine is actually gonna be modified and more all about a permanent magnetic wheel. I know you aren’t into cars, but you’re into facts, and we haven’t fact buddied since college dorm life.”

“Hey Jan I was studying for my nursing exam and i can’t believe I didn’t know that diabetes counts as a disability. Like blindness, paralysis, etc. It’s crazy!”
“Since you work for the state can you tell me about it? What does that mean? Thanks fact buddy!”

“Fyi Starbucks double points this am what do you want. Also, joe is gonna be sick and management is on a roll, so you want me to pick you up a drink?”
“You’re a legit fact buddy.”
by Contriveme July 04, 2018
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