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A facebook status that is not funny, interesting, or a conversation starter, but is meaningless, and rather resembles a tweet. It could concern what one is eating, whether one is in the washroom, or whether one is in bed. These are generally disliked by many who use facebook because most users really don't give a shit. It is also common for people who post facetweets to update their status at higher rates.
Jane: Hey Dave, stop posting facetweets, if you really want to publish the fact that you couldn't have a smoothie for breakfast then just get twitter.

Here is an example of an elongated
Facetweet saga:

7:22 am: i don't have enough berries for my smoothie :(

7:34 am: goin # 2 right now

9:03 am: just got to work, my friend anton said hello

9:12 am: bored of work so im updating my status... beth and sam also said hello to me... ripped up a foam stress ball for fun... gonna take a nap.

9:13 am: still bored... gonna take a nap... goodnight.
by Tortazo April 13, 2009
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The act of "tweeting" by using your facebook wall instead of a Twitter account.
If you want to know what she is up to, just look at her wall on Facebook. She is a Face-Tweeter.
by MTS 2010 July 27, 2010
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The posting of mundane information that is better suited to twitter
FB Post: I just had a ham sandwich for lunch
Comment: Dude, don't face-tweet me that boring shit!
by 1ezlife August 19, 2011
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