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When shit kicks off on Facebook. Usually due to insults or disagreements, or when soemone drops a Status Grenade.

To Cause a Faceplosion
The was an almighty Faceplosion when Eric commented on June's status
E: 'well you weren't complaining last night...'

J: You bastard, I hated every second of it
E: Flabby tits
J: Tiny Cock
and so on for 40 comments.
by Steven and the Twins December 07, 2009
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A Faceplosion is where a particular facial feature somehow creates a small explosive device within itself that at any moment, will detonate and possibly injure any surrounding people. There is currently no possible way to cure the Faceplosion incident, and in some cases Faceplosion sufferers are used as weapons in military operations.
"Alright, Bravo team will flank to the right of the building, Fox Delta, you march right into the front with the Pfc, he's got the Faceplosions!"

"Sir, you serious? The whole buildin' will blow!"
by IronicallyInwiltshire June 14, 2008
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