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Takes place in the second week of December. Participants of Facebook is Bullshit Week are required to do one thing on facebook every day for a week, that is complete bullshit, without getting rumbled.

Of the seven FiBW deeds, compulsory features include:
x1 FiBW status
x1 FiBW photo upload
x1 FiBW event 'Attending' (or make your own event! It's all bullshit to me!)
x1 FiBW page 'Like'

Other optional FiBW deeds can include:
Relationship status change
Town/City change
About Me change
Comment on ridiculous public page

All FiBW deeds must be in some way public - be that to everyone or just your friends - private messaging is not included.
You must not announce your participation in FiBW. That defeats the whole purpose.
If you are caught participating in FiBW, congratulations to your friend. They are obviously not to be fucked with.

Happy FiBWing everyone!
(On Facebook)
"Person McPerson is eating a sandwich."

Bernard: Dude why the fuck did you make your status 'is eating a sandwich.'? Are you doing Facebook is Bullshit Week or something?
Person McPerson: God damn you Bernard for rumbling me
by Sorcha McNiven December 09, 2012
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