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The most dramatic online world that has ever existed. Where people treat their statuses like their diaries, Girls post half naked pictures of themselves like it's an adult site, Real life Lame people are Famous, Barbies Promote theirselves UnProductive people uses the site to become famous, People pose as celebrities, People cry whe they only have 2 notifications when they log in,People create fake accounts and cause drama because they're bored with their lives,People send their suicide notes, Everybody's everyday topic, People fighting over unreasonable comments, People "sneak diss" on their stats, People have facebook affairs and cute Couples break up,Its Used to have Cyber Sex, Where people send litteraly a hundred annoying invites everyday, People race to get 5,000 friends,Might be now in Illuminati, where kids under twelve have accounts, Where pervs pose as young people just to talk to the underaged folks, AND ITS THE REASON WHY PEOPLE FIGHT TODAY! & The list goes on.

Trish: I freaking hate Faceboook ,its so lame.
Brian: Are you serious? If Facebook was a show..the ratings would be blowed man!
Facebook world Drama Unreal fake wrong life selfish dramatic appauling no point abused illuminati taking over controlling ignorant no priority online trash reality website
by shae's#1fan August 14, 2010
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