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The act of adding every little detail about one's life, including but not limited to:

1) in which city were you born in
2) which schools you attended and in which cities
3) what accomplishments you've achieved, academic, curricular, etc.
4) where have you worked or currently work at
5) what skills or hobbies you acquire
6) which university or college you attended and in which year you graduated
7) what did you major in while you were completing you're post-secondary education
and the list can go on on.......

but sadly enough, even after exposing everything about one's life via facebook, still many people are unable to find jobs. This is because facebook is not a website to look for jobs/work.
John has been updating his facebook continously over the past two months. He has listed all his academic accomplishments, what teams and institutions he has worked for, where he has volunteered and worked, what scholarships and bursaries he has received and where and what he studied and in which year. But despite his habit of updating his Facebook Resume, he has been unable to find himself a real job. John has been unable to realize that facebook is not made for this purpose.
by thunder_bolt001 July 05, 2014
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