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A person who sits behind a keyboard declaring their love for 1776, our founding fathers, the constitution, freedom, machine guns, soldiers, cops and anything remotely patriotic on their Facebook profile, yet they themselves have never served a day in their life and sound pathetic in trying to convince other Facebook Patriots that they have a bigger hard-on for freedom then the next guy.

Occasionally you will see and hear these douche bags at gun rallies alongside real American veterans, yet when the shit hits the fans the Facebook Patriot will run back to his keyboard to unload his arsenal on the world wide web, declaring love of country.

A Facebook Patriot may also decide to start quoting the Constitution as if he or she has done anything more than read the words from the Library of Congress website. He will tell you everything about the first, fourth and tenth amendments but cannot tell you which amendment abolished slavery, which amendment protects due process or equal protection. Mention the commerce clause and a Facebook Patriot will stare at his screen blankly.
Brother Goodwrench: "Yo, we need common sense to gun control in America. A Glock 17 will kill a burglar just as easy as a sub-machine gun. Lets consider restrictions on sub-machine guns."

Facebook Patriot Justin: "WTF? Have you read the 2nd Amendment? Don't Tread on Me! My rights shall not be infringed."

Brother Goodwrench: "Who are your state and federal congressional representatives?"

Facebook Patriot Justin: "Don't Tread on Me!"

Brother Goodwrench: "smh....another Facebook Patriot"
by SteveGiannelli February 08, 2013
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