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On the social networking site, Facebook, the Facebook Paradox is the inverse proportian between the number of friends on has on Facebook and the number of friends one has in real life.

The paradox can be explained by reasoning that somebody who is so active in Facebook must have a lack of real life social interactions to account for the time they can afford to spend on the Internet. On the converse, somebody with a very active social life does not typically worry about spending too much time on social networking sites, hence the lack of Facebook friends.
Jenny has 3,000 friends on Facebook, but nobody really even likes or talks to her. She is an example of Facebook Paradox. Lots of friends on Facebook, but hardly any friends in real life.

On the other hand, Carol only has 30 friends on facebook, but everybody things she is really cool and she has an active social life. She is also an example of the Facebook Paradox.
by Chad R. May 07, 2007
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The phenomenon manifested as the more "friends" that a member of social networks has, the less this person is willing to share of themselves with the "friends" on the network.
"I can't post anything to Facebook anymore because too many people see that stuff!"
"Yeah, dude, you're up against the Facebook Paradox with your 10,000 FB-friends."
by Nigel Spellright November 04, 2015
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The paradox you find yourself in when you want to up-vote a social media item that has a sad or negative subject. . You merely want to bring the post to attention of your social network but you question whether someone will misunderstand why you are clicking "like/+1/thumb-up/up-vote/etc"
I struggle with the Facebook Paradox. do I click LIKE to share this news feed item, "'Clumsy the Clown' tragically falls from balcony to his death at children's birthday party." Why isn't there a DISLIKE button? Or a button for MEH?
by Rob G. aka theTexasWolf October 07, 2015
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