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1. The unpleasant sensation individuals may feel after reading certain Facebook users' posts which boldly state some sort of sickening information you did not need to know, this can include informations generally regarded as revolting, but Facebook nausea is a more befitting description of the reactions some users experience after reading updates about "gorguz" children, or this common person known as "my man" and all that purile stuff single, childless people of the world cannot understand, or perhaps do not even have any desire to understand.

It may also result from viewing the effects of Facebook anti-ageing serum.

2. The effects of accessing Facebook via iPhone or similar when travelling in some sort of moving vehicle.
1. Facebook User U reads the following status update:

"FACEBOOK USER K is getting knocked around in the belly! Little man is going off this morning,he must be getting into the soccer spirit!"

Facebook User U feels an unpleasant sensation in their own abdomen area and an excess of saliva building up in their mouth resulting in an urge to run to the nearest receptacle and eliminate all contents of their stomach.

These consequences of Facebook User U reading Facebook User K's status update, and any other similar unpleasant sensations resulting from Facebook use are known by the umbrella term of "Facebook Nausea".

2. Facebook User Q is in the passenger seat of her buddy's 1988 Mazda 626 and is accessing Facebook on her iPhone instead of conversing directly with her good buddy. As a result of this unecessary and somewhat rude accessing of a social networking site in a car, Facebook User Q begins to feel unwell, and turns to their buddy and this exchange follows:

Facebook User Q: Oh, dude, Facebook Nausea...

Good Buddy: You gonna use that shit in my car, you gonna suffer the effects of your anti-social behaviour!

Facebook User Q: Fairy nuts, sorry bout that buddy. So where we actually headed?
by Coop-Dogg September 25, 2009
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