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This person usually has maxed out his friends to 5,000 people he doesn't know. He rambles on all day about his activities in order to drum up attention and build his business. He kisses the ass of those he think can help him to the extent he causes them to believe someone is FB attacking them. He spends every waking hour trying to call everyone he knows (and even people he DOESN'T know) under the guise he is "exposing" this so called perpetrator, when in fact he is using the situation to increase his own popularity and contacts.
What is up with that Facebook Kiss Ass? Doesn't he have anything better to do then to try to appear to be a hero? He pretends to be sticking up for someone, when he is really kissing their ass and takes on the mission to take down this perpetrator for his "friend". He status chases the "perpetrator" and reports back to everyone on this persons posts, like a little minion. He attempts to spin their posts into negative attacks on his "friend". Funny because they all are just using him for information and think he is fool for wasting so much of his time on this crap.
by Are u a FB Kiss Ass? November 10, 2009
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