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We all know these people. They litter our Facebook news feeds with pseudo-spiritual garbage they have just withdrew, out of context mind you, from the latest philosophy book, heresy of a friend, and/or New Age blog. They contradictorily use the most superficial expression of communication available to Western culture as a soapbox to preach about "enlightenment," "awakening," or "the way." Not sure if they think they are Bruce Lee or Jesus Christ, but they come off more like a cross between a monk and a bum standing on a street corner reciting madness to himself.
"Life is the edge of the universe. I am enlightened, you should become enlightened as well." ~Example of a Facebook Spiritual posting on Facebook

"That guy lives off the support of his friends and family, has no goals in life, doesn't mind using gasoline or computers whose very use and existence here in America enslaves the developing world...yet preaches every frickin' day on social networks because he's another goddamn Facebook spiritual."
by Jahzon October 21, 2011
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