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Someone who you have never met, will never meet, and have absolutely no chance with, but you know everything about.
Douche 1: Christy is so hot with that uberminiskirt and hair-thin bra...

Douche 2: Yea dawg, shes my facebook girlfriend

Douche 1: Sick brah. So are you guys dating in real life then?

Douche 2: Nah brah its not like that dude, we want to keep things virtual. I just cant be tied down to a 5' 6" bikini model with a D cup and whose favorite color is turqoise and has soccer practice at 3:00 PM on Monday Tuesday and Thursday after school with her friend Janice who she got into a fight with about a cute guy but its ok because they talked it over and realized that he didnt like either of them so theres no point in fighting because they will just ruin their friendship which has been strong since the 3rd grade when they met in history class and made fun of their teacher, Ms. Kretzel.

Douche 1: Sounds like you two are pretty close. You gonna introduce yourself to her?

Douche 2: Hell no...
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