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When enthusiastically giving oral sex to woman, and lightly caressing the inner thigh area around the outskirts of the vulva right as she is about to have a tremendous orgasm, which expeditiously increases the volume of clinch to which a woman enters the climatic throes around said giver's head. This may be increased by very quiet humming and slight head movement, which causes a reverberation between her thighs. Essentially, creating a more pleasurable servicing to the woman receiving the aforementioned oral sex in which the person giving should be duty bound to repeat until leg muscles have become numb and tingly, mild cramping, or until lustful rapture can take no more.
It was our first time so I decided to go all out, I spent nearly and hour and half eating her out and giving some ridiculous face-puppetry that she will never forget!
by gringo_mandingo December 16, 2012
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