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A "Face Humper" is someone of low self esteem that only gets gratification from liking everything that someone else puts up on Facebook, usually extremely needy and annoying to boot.

Other forms of face humping include posting randomly shit comments on everyone's status's that to be quite frank should join the famous quote "if you haven't got anything good to say, don't say it"

These Face Humping low lives often like to get involved in others people shit without having anything to do with it often sparking arguments between people just to fulfil some part of their ultimately needy persona, in a way to feel in the crowd when they are so far outside the crowd they cant even realise that they have no life outside of Facebook.
A Face Humper would be that annoying person you cant even remember adding who likes and comments on everything you every put up on Facebook.
by ILiketurtles69er March 14, 2011
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