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The totally gorgeous drummer of the Strokes. born in Brazil, but is actually Italian. Curly hair, amazing drumming technique, known for smoking cigarettes, and swearing. Really good friends with the lead, Julian Casablancas. Went out with Drew Barrymore for a little bit.. im not too sure why.
Guy: Hey, whose your favorite The Strokes member?
Girl: The drummer, Fabrizio Moretti. He's so hot!
by coralfm September 26, 2009
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the very talented ,(and might i add very attractive)drummer of the legendary band The Strokes he was born on June 2nd 1979 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. His background is italian. He has a tendency for alcohol preferably 'white russians' He gets along famously with The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas. He also likes to swear alot.
hey do you know who fabrizio moretti is? Of course i do dude hes that totally hip drummer from The Strokes
by Kiki Casblancas April 13, 2006
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