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1: A champion with fantabulous glasses, fabulous looks, meticulous hair, sedulous sense of humor and incredulous mind. Known to enjoy excellent television programs such as Spongebob SquarePants (a show depicting the life of someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea) and the Simpsons. The Fab Fei should not be confused with The Fabulous Fab of Government Sachs or the biweekly Canadian magazine targeted at males of the homosexual persuasion.
Example 1: "I really wish I were you Fab Fei, but since I cannot attain the apex of coolness, would you mind telling me how I can become more Fabulous?"
Example 2: "Hey Fab Fei, can you sign my boots? It'll make my boyfriend really jealous!"
Example 3: "Nice fabs Fab Fei, have you been working out at the Flamingo Gym?"
Example 4: "Fab Fei, I must confess, being around you makes me feel light in my loafers"
by Black Atlas May 28, 2010
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