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FYI & FYCEE&E is a courteous multipurpose way to reference the reason for sending an email, the posting of a wed address, or inclusion of attachments of anykind to an email or to a posting of a weblink on a social networking site.

The ACRONYM-MNEMONIC begins with the standard FYI(For Your Information) but adds the explanatory ACRONYM-MNEMONIC: FYCEE&E which stands for (For Your Convenience, Edification, Enjoyment & Enjoyment). One can adjust the ACRONYM-MNEMONIC by adding or dropping letters according to your preferences for paying compliments and giving explanations when you wish to add a polite tag to something given to other human beings in person or via a medium like the internet or the US Mail.
John sent Mary maps and several photos by email dated November 2nd, 2009. He hoped to entice her to meet with him soon when he went the extra mile and added a note saying he was providing them FYI & FYCEE&E with his sincerest Enthusiasm and Compliments.
by hypocrisykiller November 02, 2009
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