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(Facebook Vacation Exhibitionist)

Someone who insists on constantly changing their Facebook status to let the world (on Facebook) know that they are travelling to warmer and more glamourous places.

This also involves people declining events wile writing on the wall something along the lines of "So sorry babe, i'm in Cannes/Paris/NYC" these comments are usually followed by a sad smiley, when clearly they are not sad but just glad of the opportunity to tell more people of their fantastic holiday plans.
Pamela's Facebook status timeline (all in the space of 24 hours):

"Just landed in LA ;)"

"Off to the pool!"

"Sunset Blvd is so great"

"OMG I'm so brown"

"Relaxing by the pool with P Diddy"

"Vagas baby, whoop whoop!"

Pamela's comment on Georges évent page:

"Oh dammit hun, im in Italy then, shame :("

George- "Did you see Pamelas comment on my event wall?"

Sarah- "God I know, ew, she's a totall FVE"

Ben- "Pamela's status's are clogging up my timeline, nobody cares!"

George-"Yup, FVE!"
by yourwostnightmare35 November 30, 2011
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