Irreverant emergency department slang.

Considered unprofessional, as with many other informal terms, although a certain amount of gallows humour is a common part of emergency medical practice, used as a coping mechanism for severely traumatic experiences.

F**ked up beyond all recovery, but unfortunately not dead yet.

Used to refer to a mortally-injured patient who has no chance of survival but is still clinging to life by a thread. The job of the ED staff here is to ensure that the person's last minutes/hours are as comfortable and as dignified as possible.
"Doctor, you need to see the man in cubicle 7. BIBA (brought in by ambulance) from that pile-up on the M60 - he's FUBAR BUNDY but you'll want to set up a diamorphine infusion ASAP."
by Dr. Nash March 19, 2008
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