Right-wing talking points distributed via the only cable news channel included in every basic cable package in America. FOXaganda threatens our very identity as Americans. Though completely unbelievable and utterly lacking in facts, many Americans fall prey to this Australian malady spread by patient zero; Rupert Murdoch. FOXaganda tends to affect the weaker, easy to lead segments of the population and often affects elections. Sadly, many people have been, and will be hurt in the Battle for America against FOXaganda.
FOXaganda contributed to the start of the war in Iraq.

If it weren't for FOXaganda, I might think for myself.

FOXaganda contributes to political confusion and civil unrest.

Because of FOXaganda republicans won the house in 2010.

If it wasn't for FOXaganda, we wouldn't know that global warming is a hoax, unions destroy state budgets, corporations are people, healthcare and social justice are evil or that the American president elected in 2008 was, in fact, a Kenyan national and illegitimate, therefore an enemy of the state.
by PayAttention March 2, 2011
Bush Administration propaganda masquerading as "news," which can appear on Fox News or any other corporate media, along with so-called public channels like NPR and PBS. Combined form of "Fox" from Fox News Channel, the cable propaganda network owned by Rupert Murdoch and run by (former?) Republican Party operative Roger Ailes, and "propaganda."
The Coultergeist was really dishing out the foxaganda on "Insanity & Comatose" the other night. She's a major foxagandist.

Gwen Ifill's roundtable with nothing but Republican Bush fluffers on PBS the other night was a bunch of foxaganda.

Is CNN stepping up the foxaganda by hiring wingnut opinionist Glenn Beck?
by Giacomo G January 23, 2007