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Focus on the Criminal Behavior. A catchphrase among Ron Paul activists on his Facebook discussion webpage, it originated when a critic of Ron Paul started insisting over and over again that people should "focus on the criminal behavior" in the Bush Administration, rather than spend time promoting their own candidate. "FOTCB" has now become a term of derision among the group. It has also spawned another new phrase, FOTRP! (Focus on the Ron Paul).
From a member of the Ron Paul Facebook group:

"I am aware that many of you out there are not familiar when we say FOTCB or 'Focus on the Criminal Behavior,' well basically it started like this:

Ron Paul Supporters: OMG RP! 143 RP! V4RP!
Ron Paul Hater: OMG STFU FOTCB!
Ron Paul Supporters: FOTCB?! WTF?!?!"
by JP Sorens December 17, 2007
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