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The acronym for "fuck my gay ass". FMGA is an explative exclamation useable for just about anytime you need to yell out. It is acceptable to use FMGA in everyday face-to-face contact and well as through email and text. FMGA can be used to imply complete confusion, or express disgust as well.

Please note - other permutations include, but are not limited to the following:

Fuck your gay ass (FYGA)
Fuck my ass (FMA)
Fuck my face (FMF)
Fuck your face (FYF)
Fuck my gay face (FMGF)
Fuck my goat ass (also FMGA)
Fuck my asshole (FMAH)
Fuck my gay asshole (FMGAH)
FMGA, I just got dominated in super smash brothers.

She's a dude?! FMGA!

Well fuck my boss really fucked me in my gay ass in my last review.
by criendo October 03, 2010
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