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Features "the village" which is full of middle class people who think there something special,and "woodsend" just your average council estate but these people like to consider it along the lines of an American "hood",think these kids have watched one two many films,they also dress like the rest of the world was half a decade ago!
Yo yo come to the Red Lion in Flixton we all take drugs and act like thugs!
by Partingtons finest March 28, 2007
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Considered by some to be the end of the world due to the fact there's nothing of any importance after the town boundaries IE the bridge that goes over the River Mersey.

It is a posh suburb of Urmston, Manchester the only bad feature is its close to the Stretford ghetto. This in itself isn't so bad as Stretford is the home of Manchester United but the some of the Flixton youth forget that they are actually from the suburbs and act like they were raised in deepest, darkest Compton Cali.
Stretfordian: "Lets go to Flixton and look at the posh houses"

Yuppie: "Instead of going to a nice wine bar, why don't we go to one of the up market drinking establishments in Flixton"

Flixton Youth: "Here me now, here me now! I is from Flixton, I is well hard, I as 'ad a tuff life. Last xmas, me dear mama didn't get me both pairs of TNs I wanted, you get me star? Hard times"
by askmewhy March 28, 2007
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