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This definition derives from the originally unnoticeable shadows in FIFA. Once discovered, the shadows are all that is visible to a video gamer's sight.

When a trait of a woman is unnoticeable, such as her chunky waist, or demented face. Few men have the ability to identify these traits, and once noticed, a man's opinion of this woman is changed forever as he can no longer think positively of this girl. Her once hot reputation has now been realized to be a fallacy, and changed to NOT hot.

The man who discovers this shadow is known as a shadow finder, while the woman who's shadow is found is known as a shadow findee.
My camp friend is a tremendous shadow finder. Last weekend he discovered Juanita's hidden crooked nose. I now look at her differently and realize she is in fact not hot, even though i used to think otherwise. The FIFA shadows really effed this shadow findee over over.
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