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Possibly the greatest internet forum on the World Wide Web. A heady mix of music, chat, gossip, nerdiness, fashion, and diabolical intrigue guaranteed to keep you glued to your keyboard for weeks. Run by the fragrant and devastatingly beautiful Smut, the Backup Palace houses such legendary figures as the might Krburg (god of music and porn), Gemma Golightly (always in a happy spliff-induced daze), the guitar uber-geek Phil Fuckmeiknowmystuff (Cool Gang Leader), rock steady Craig (the rock's Rock), Arthur Fat Fingers (forum apple whore), Crimson Dob (the drinking woman's crumpet), the frightening Knobrothtear (faustian nightmare extraordinaire), Hong Kong Jack (flying the flag at the end of the Empire), "Hoops" Dunkin' Duncan (emo maestro), Maccyl "My Arms Are Not Long FFS!" MacCool (long-armed wonder), Bangmycock (Leeds Lothario), Joe Allatsea and Sam Gouldylocks (super nerds!), Le Girl (style maven and super nerd disciple), Shola (FFS!), Gobby "They're not Neu! tho!" Weasel (forum pariah and all-round legend), and Carmine (Legal Eagle). The Backup Palace includes such awe-inspiring sections as the Snootch to the Bootch club (the best downloads on the internet), the truly amazing Babyjib (cor! what a looker!)'s Fashion Boutique, the Geek's Club, Upcoming "what time is everyone getting there ffs?!" Gigs section, and the rubbish anti-Arsenal Zenon's Sports Emporium (run by Zenon who doesn't get a mention here because he is a spud sucker). There are no doubts: truly the greatest Forum in history
An Average Day's Posting on FFS Smuts Backup Palace includes:

I told Reece that i wasn't gonna give him blow-job's no more ad he told me that was fine and could I do anal insted. I said yes - the Legendary Babygal (R.I.F.P.)

I once faced having the chop (though I should have had it anyway being Jewish) but I didn't have to in the end because the Canestan worked - the Mighty Gobshite Yarbles
by Anonymusketeer May 27, 2006
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