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(Simular to the definition of being "Fucked in one's head") A terminology usually reserved for referring to ROVE’eo Queens coined in honor of the Fox News Network (Especially the “Rupert Murdoch” owned “Media”) ; Terminology used to refer to those that believe in the validity of biased one-sided concerns –OR- to refer to the use of “Fox News Network” as being a credible source of non-propagandized news, fact, or truth.
Usage Examples:

Man-o-man! That Neo-Con is REALLY FAUX'ed in the head!

That story really got FAUX'ed UP big-time!

Fox News is an example of how TV can result in a really FAUX'ed UP way of looking at reality.
by Tyson D. Knine October 06, 2007
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An adjective intentionally made into a past-tense verb so as to illicitly garner at least 18 points on a Scrabble board.
Feathers and furs can be faux, fo sho,
but fauxed isn't in the dictionary, no.
by GrammarPatrol July 20, 2010
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Having been fixed but only to the extent of appearing to have been fixed, especially for the purposes of deception.
When the dude sat in the chair I fauxed, it totally collapsed.
by reallydolly August 08, 2010
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