The #1 pure clan in RuneScape. Foe has the best community, best pkers, and best leadership. They have been owning the wild since '05 and will continue to do so until the end of time. Though they have some faggot clan members, such as Sefket, they still manage to get along just fine; mainly in part to great associates such as You Env Me. Where would Foe be without him?
MM - "Oh shit it's Foe. Guys, tele and then come back and 1 item them. "

FI - "Omg, is that Foe? Everyone run to single!"

TLP - "Foe, damnit. Tank test my addy armor."

Walli - "Wtf Sefket man? Suck a dick."

Sefket - "Play scape all day long... and you'll never, never go wrong."
by You Env Me April 27, 2009
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Fathers- Over- Everyone
That be da F.O.E of the crips.
by punkscene2 May 29, 2003
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Something you call a friend or just another person
“Ay foe what’s the move”
Foe what you doing
by Gxd333 March 29, 2021
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"Fake Hoe" talk about people behind their back and pretends they like them

They are also very scary so WATCH OUT FOR THEM!!!!!!!(YOU KNOW WHEN YOU SEE THEM)
You are an ugly foe.

You are a foe.
by Jiggle Squad March 27, 2019
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tnt tag drip cuh u kno the vibes
Dont get involved in mineman drama if you aint gonna post up w the glocks. #FOE20 #FOGANG
on foenem im involved im bout it thats on gangnem cro six double o u know the vibes
by kayla is a hoe/nice person March 25, 2021
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