"four" or "for"
What time is it?

What you funna do dat foe?
by Rooster June 04, 2002
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1. Acronym for Fucked Over EXTREME. Said only in the most extreme of circumstances by urban dwelling youths.
Yo, brotha? Didja read the Journal last night? With the increase of interest rates in this bear market, the Dow Jones 'dustrial is FOE! Word.
by toll mastah May 17, 2007
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Acronym for the social movement:
Fuck Off Emos!!!!

These people are the plauge of the modern times.....Black plauge...emos dress in black??? get it????

This movement was started in 2005 and has to date been effective in demeaning, insulting and fucking with emos minds...everywere.
*A group of people see emo(s) in the street*

Group: FOE! FOE! FOE! FOE!!

*Emos then cry in their room and cut themselves*
by FOE council August 11, 2008
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Not to be confused with Foe as in a enemy. A Foe is a female that has sex with anyone with out pay.
Jason: Yeah she cheated on me with another dude behind my back and I still got some.

Silv: Did you have to pay?

Jason: Naw.

Silv: Dude she's not even a hoe. She somethin else.

Sasu: She a foe.
by Silver360 August 27, 2008
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The Number 1 Pure Warring Clan in RuneScape.
Wow.. Foe pulled loads today. We got owned.
by Himsk November 12, 2008
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What a bunch of young, immature 12-15 year old's say instead of saying fuck. (:

faghag: omigod. this sim is such a foe!

granny2: haha XD foe? imma start saying dat

faghag: NOO! dnt steal mah word -.-

granny2: dam your a grannyyyy! :/

by jgskhgshdfgdsjkfs August 04, 2008
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