Fat-hoe = foe
dude 1: ya she is such a fat hoe
dude 2: ya fham she’s a foe
dude 1: LOL
by ec45 December 06, 2018
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An enemy. Similarly, FOE can also be acronym for Forces of Evil, as used in many toy commercials which feature the line "defeat the Forces of Evil!"
Voldemort in Harry Potter is both Harry's foe and commands the FOE.
by TheForceofEvil March 03, 2014
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Used in The Four Corner Hustlers Gang. Sign of membership like the Crips use cuz
Wat up foe.
Wat you on foe.
Ay foe stop playin.
by Futurefoe April 11, 2006
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Stands for foot odor, used to describe a woman wearing open sandals, flip flops, open house slippers and her feet having a bad odor.
Her feet smell vile. She's a FOE.
by SweetCupcake May 21, 2013
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