Crying little boy: mommy he touched me!

by XfibX January 12, 2011
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Fake Item Box

An item found in the Mario Kart series. It resembles regular item boxes, but causes racers to crash if touched. It can be used either as a trap or as a projectile. In most games, FIBs cannot be used as a defensive tool against shell attacks from behind. Instead, they're use is found with strategic placements or a good throwing hand. A FIB Snipe is a feat that can be performed where a player throws their FIB in such a way that it lands in front of or directly on top of the opposing player, sometimes in mind boggling ways for epicness.
FIB Snipe
Crouching Shell, Hidden FIB
by Tuxie May 24, 2013
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A word used by people from bumblefuck Wisconsin to refer to people mainly from Northern Illinois. It means Fucking Illinois bastard. Lets face it they are jealous because there is no word that has been made up by people from Illinois to describe Wisconsin people. My father always told me that bastards call people names.
People from Wisconsin that use the word FIB should get a life.
by ThatFIB September 17, 2013
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Friend In Bed. A much nicer way of saying Fuck Buddy.
'That guy you hooked up with last night was hawt!'
'Yeah, he's my FIB.'
by MalevolentWreck February 16, 2008
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When your ass itches before, after or both after taking a runny shit. It sometimes takes half a roll of toilet paper to get it resolved. Fucking itchy but syndrome.
I've got the fibs after those wings last night.
by Joe sikorski February 02, 2007
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acronym - Fun In Bed, specifically regarding hot chicks

Get your ass over there and talk to her dude, she's guarenteed to be FIB - just look at her!
by JP33 September 10, 2007
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Fat Idle Bastards (normally scousers)
You FIB , get your lazy fat arse from in front of the TV and go and cut the grass.
by Kev68 August 14, 2007
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