Fucking Illinois Bastards or Federal Investigation Bureau. Either a despective way of Winsconsin people to call Chicagoans or the FBI parody of GTA V.
I killed some FIB police officers yesterday on GTA Online!
I hate those FIBs!
by Tupamaro4Ever December 06, 2014
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What people in cow/cheese-land (Wisconsin) call people from Chicago.
FIB, and proud of it!
by Gabriel John July 05, 2007
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Famous Imaginary Boyfriend. A person of note or celebrity, easily identifiable by others, whom you claim to fancy. An indication of taste and type.

The female version is FIG, Famous Imaginary Girlfriend.

Christian Bale has been my FIB for years, so it's a good thing my real boyfriend looks just like him.
by Paris Morgan March 25, 2008
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Fucking Itchy Balls Syndrome.

FIBS usually doesn't occur in private, but most likely during a family dinner, a formal event, or something similar. Symptoms include uncomfortably itchy scrotum/pubic area, awkward lower body movement/squirming, and near uncontrollable urge to thrust hand in pants and scratch scrotum/pubic area.
"Dude, why are you fuckin dancing around like that?"

"I got a bad case of FIBS, man."

"Fuckin scratch them, idiot."

"I can't while we're taking the fucking prom picture asshole."
by Riley July 20, 2004
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Crying little boy: mommy he touched me!

by XfibX January 12, 2011
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Friend In Bed. A much nicer way of saying Fuck Buddy.
'That guy you hooked up with last night was hawt!'
'Yeah, he's my FIB.'
by MalevolentWreck February 16, 2008
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