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How to acquire, then get rid of Early Morning Booty Call (F.A.S.T. system):

1.FORGE date: Invite her over for 11, so that its just before brunch and so she has atleast an hour to take the bus from wherever she is.

2. ACT out the Dance: After she takes the over an hour bus ride to your place, make it snappy boysh, dont waste time with foreplay. do the DEED and make sure you came.(basically keep it within 5 - 10 Minutes....brunch is comin soon)

3. SECURE Exit: This is the clutch time. think of an excuse to get her and you out your place while also figuring a way to make sure shes not following you around all afternoon. example(post ejaculation) Guy:" So i think i need a haircut?" girl:"ye maybe you could" guy:" ye im gonna get one. sooooooo we should get out of here.....dont worry ill DRIVE you to the mall so you can BUS home... k babe"

4.TIME Sensitive:now you dont want her to be with you too long or else shell never leave so whether she says yes or no is irrelevant just make sure the door closes behind both of you when you leave and that she gets safely to the bus stop and that you are gone before it gets there.

Closing Statistics: Time Elapsed: 25 - 30 mins

Girls with you after that time: 0

Happy Campers Gettin Haircuts: 1

F.A.S.T system

-luigini asks a girl to come over to cuddle with him at 1230 then last minute changes it to 11 so she has atleast an house to get their
-she gets their and they start making out and he just gets straight to the taking of clothes and putting it in
- tells he gotta go now so he can get a hair cut so he says hell drive her to closest bus stop to get rid of her
-drops her off and makes sure she walks into the bus station and leaves
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