The saddest of all musical keys, the harrowing and melancholy key of death and depression. Used in plenty of acerbic Soviet waltzes and funeral songs.

This key is made out of 4 flats, namely Bb, Eb, Ab, and Db. The relative key is the key of A flat major, another depressing key, even though it is a major key

This key can describe what life feels like when your pet dog, or best friend passes away. Same feeling applies when you know your life is heading nowhere, and you walk down a street, pondering about your time left.
Schubart: "F minor - Deep depression, funereal lament, groans of misery and longing for the grave."

My life feels so empty and distressful, a piece in f minor would describe my mood well.

Мы проиграли войну , и мы никогда не увидим наших жен снова. Мы будем иметь болезненный конец . Это чувствует, как F minor

English: The war is lost and we will never get to see our wives again. We shall meet our painful end. This feels just like f minor.
by foxdimi88 June 2, 2016
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the best musical key ever and nobody can tell me otherwise
-allows you to go into optimal bass frequency range
-decent number of sharp notes without being excessive
-sounds extremely pleasant in any chord progression. not joking. you can stick an f sharp minor chord anywhere and it will fit like a puzzle piece
guy 1: this beat that some guy posted is in f sharp minor. it slaps so hard
guy 2: nah you should check this other beat. its in c minor
*guy 1 immediately pulls out a knife and stabs guy 2 to death*
by thelankyboi November 23, 2021
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