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A school that you go to if u don’t get excepted to the school u actually go to. Small school with a bunch of hoes and guys who squeeze girls tittys when they walk by the haul way. Bathrooms r known for vaping a juuling. If u wanna hu u don’t in. The front of the library because there aren’t any cameras there. They guys are always confused about there genders. The roof is also known to be a place where u hu. If u get caught hooking up u will get expelled. Basically this is ur emergency school if you dont get into schools that you want to go to. Everyone gets expected
Ezra academy- your emergency school
by Thisisavibe October 06, 2019
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Don’t go there the worst school ever it just sucks
Person 1: hey what school you going to
Person 2: Ezra Academy
Person 1: don’t
by Mynamisjef September 08, 2020
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