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An amalgamation of the scary ass Stanley Kubrick Movie "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Shit" to express a media, online, entertainment or social situation involving stalking or defamation that is shockingly deplorable, and very much illegal.

Most likely actions best described as Law Suit Worthy or requiring Police Intervention, threatening your livelihood job and relationship and makes you want to curl up in the fetal position.
Sometimes synonymous with the feeling of being hunted down like an animal by the media, or the mob.
"When i first read all the horrible abusive things people had said about me and all my friends on urban dictionary i though 'this site is eyes wide shit.' "- all women.
"The smut coming out in hollywood movies of late is eyes wide shit" - Nat
"When I left my job it was a case of eyes wide shit" - Glenn
"The news of the world trash mags is turning regular peoples lives into a case of eyes wide shit" - Sienna
"Last night was eyes wide shit" - Michelle
"Everyone shut the fuck up - we're all having group hysteria due to a severe case of eyes wide shit" - Al
by smut police December 07, 2011
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