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An Eyepatch Discount is similar to the five finger discount, however, the only difference is that an Eyepatch Discount involves only computer software. Stealing a piece of computer software by downloading it from the internet (or direct connect program) is known as using your Eyepatch Discount. Since the official name for the act is Piracy, the term Eyepatch Discount was created, since many Pirates used to wear an Eyepatch.
Person 1: What a rip off, they want 90 dollars for that new game that just came out for the PC.

Person 2: That's fine, I got it with my Eyepatch Discount.
Person 1: Oh so you mean you pirated it? You're such a freakin Pirate dude.
Person 2: Yaaaar!
Parrot: Insert Game Company is a rip off! Insert Game Company is a rip off!
by DE102 November 21, 2011
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