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A game in which a cupcake is placed on a table with goals on each side. Then, you must take out your penis and begin trying to hit the cupcake into the opponents goal with your penis. Every goal you give up, you must take a shot of a hard liquor. If you lose (the winning score may vary) then the loser must eat the cupcake that was used in the game, after it is covered in the victor's semen. For girls who want to play, they may wear strap-on's.

The origin of this game is when two guys decided to make a challenge involving the most extreme of games, varying from extreme cartwheel game, to extreme gay chicken. One guy came up with this, and won the game when the loser of the competition, as well as the game mentioned above, refused to eat the inseminated cupcake.
Guy 1: Wanna play some Extreme cupcake soccer?

Guy 2: No, I always lose, and I hate the taste of semen!
by tehcowninja September 29, 2010
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