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A party of mainly male friends and acquaintances that typically begins around 5pm and continues until the morning hours of the following day. A true Extreme Brother Blackout Fest includes, Bush Lite beer, shots of liquor, gun-shots of liquor, shot combo's, shotgunning beers, beer bongs, beer chugs, monster chugs , Brother chants, brother high fives, de-icing, barfing, and peeing the bed. Atleast 20 muted TV's with multiple sports playing, loud music ranging from early 2000's rap to current techno. At least 50 fists pumps. Lost keys, Lost coats, lost phones, lost shirts, A stretch party bus, girls (NO Girlfriends), handshake hugs and ians pizza.
Church is super boring, I'd rather be at an EXTREME BROThER BLACKOUTFEST.
by Way Tight November 16, 2011
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