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Extreme Two Footing... Extreme Two Footing is a fad created by three friends in 2011. The rules of Extreme Two Footing requires a person to jump and touch an object of their choice with both feet. The participants feet are not required to touch the object with both feet at the same time; however, both feet must come in contact with the object before landing on the ground. The more random and extravagant the venue, the more extreme the experience will be. The stunt must be recorded on video or pictures and then uploaded to a social networking site to be accounted for.

Extreme Two Footing is not a professional sport by any means.

The first known injury from Extreme Two Footing was documented on August 5th, 2011. A founding creator attempted a new stunt which resulted in a mild laceration to the finger.

Extreme Two Footing was created with no special intentions other than to have fun and to be creative.
Me: Hey, I bet you won't jump and do some extreme two footing off that tree.
You: Oh yeah? Watch this! (Jumps and touches both feet on the tree)
by Raddog August 05, 2011
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