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Emergency Dispatcher with remarkable ability to forsee the needs of their field units and provide all angles of support to ensure the safest and most infomed outcome to the incident. These Dispatchers absorb stress easily and return with hardcore commitment to getting the job done with the least amount of investigation. Only the most Extreme Dispatchers use every available resource to relieve field units of distraction from the events unfolding before them. Technically savy and street smart they have insight .from hard lessons learned from mistakes in the past They overcome every obstacle placed before them making split decisons on anything from traffic cones to armed disturbances. Perceived by many as civilians, button pushers and clerical workers they type like their hands are on fire , converse calmly, desiminate and take dictation while admist the worst situations. On the job training upholds most of their innate capabilities but the real core of thier ability is their ever giving hearts.
Emergency calls come in through the 911 system for a mass injury vehicle accident on a major highway system requiring all resources of Police, Fire and EMS services and support from surrounding agencies. Hundreds of phone calls reviewed in split seconds for content, priority and accuracy. The Extreme Dispatcher handles all aspects of the call working in teams and groups until the last patient and the last vehicle is cleared from the scene and all field units are safetly in stations.
by Whisper911 February 03, 2010
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