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The Extended Selfie is the upgraded non-lame version of the social media phenomenon known as Selfie. Selfie by definition is a photo taken in which the photographer is also the subject of the photograph. The Extended Selfie has been made popular by the lead singer of a well known central Florida band called TUG. Like the Selfie, the Extended Selfie is taken of oneself, but unlike the Selfie it is taken in video form and recorded to music, additionally the subject or subjects in the video must remain still or you will have an Extended Selfie FAIL. Extended Selfies are purposely cheesy, humor filled and mock the original Selfie concept. Correctly executed Extended Selfies have been known to inspire poetry, get one laid, soil ones clothing and/or CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Pick your poses wisely, but more importantly pick your music choice carefully!
Grace: Lets take a Selfie
Danny: Selfies are lamesauce, lets take an extended selfie like a boss to Prince's Purple Rain.

Grace: OMG Extended Selfies are the most amazing thing in this world! Life changed!!
by Jessie Lane January 07, 2014
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